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On Beards

Sometimes it frustrates me that I cannot grow a decent beard.  I can get a little scruffy and aggravate my wife with my 48 hour shadow, but that’s about it.  Genetics have conspired against me so that I cannot fully achieve that primeval mark of manhood.  I suppose that this frustrating aspect of my physiology is not the worst defect, but I suppose it to be a defect nonetheless.  It seems unfortunate that I will never be able to experience the delight of finding yesterday’s food lodged somewhere around my chin or being able to look 10 years older.  All of these experiences and more will never be mine.  As I meditated on these thoughts, I realized that there was a larger and deeper issue in play.  This issue is beyond physiological, or experiential import.  This issue is a theological issue.

Yesterday I realized that I could never be a very good Calvinist.