Driven by Hope: Letters to God

 Thoughts on faith, life, and suffering

Two thoughts stood out to me as I watched the movie: (1) Simple yet deep faith gives strength for suffering.  (2) A life lived in light of eternity will never be regretted.

Entering the kingdom as a child takes on a whole new meaning after watching this little movie (based on the true story of Tyler Doherty).  Tyler draws strength for his fight with cancer from his relationship with God.  Every day he communicates with God by writing letters.  Such a simple faith ends up transforming his struggle with the disease and the lives around him.  The movie ends with a number of examples of others who have, in faith, committed their sickness to God and found hope and strength for the battle ahead.  Though some may object that Christian faith is merely a crutch for the weak-minded, I would object that everyone has a crutch because we’re all broken and need help.  The real question is which crutch is stronger.  Tyler’s testimony is a witness not merely to the strength of his faith, but the strength of his God to bring him through the trial.

Life is too short.  Tyler lived in this reality and allowed it to shape the way he treated others and the seriousness with which he pursued a relationship with God.  All of our lives are like puffs of smoke on the horizon.  We have only a fleeting chance to live a life that matters here on earth.  If we knew that this week would be our last, how would it change our priorities?  I am praying that God would allow me to have spiritual eyesight to see what really matters on this earth.

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